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Turn followers into customers with Botgram, the robot that turns your Telegram chat into a paid membership area.
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achieve financial independence and make a living from your knowledge!
Understand how
Botgram will help you monetize
You have a Telegram chat with your audience and want to monetize it.
You add our bot to your group to control the entry and exit of members.
A custom checkout page is automatically created for you to easily sell subscriptions to your club.
Your sales will be processed by the payment gateway you choose, and you will receive the amount directly into your account.
Botgram now controls the addition and removal of members based on their subscription payment status.
Easy, practical, and secure
3 Simple Steps
Don't waste time adding new members and checking who is up to date with payments. Botgram automates this entire process for you to focus on your content.
Add Botgram to your group.

To turn your chat into a paid subscription club, add @botgramclub_bot directly to your Telegram group and give it administrator permissions to invite and remove members.

Configure your club

Then, access our dashboard with the Telegram account of the chat owner to configure your club and the plans that will be available to your customers. You choose the price and billing frequency between monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually.

Connect a payment method

Choose a payment method from the available options and connect it to your Botgram account. Great, your club is all set! Sales made will be deposited directly into your payment provider account.

botgram-pages botgram pages
Haven't used Telegram yet?
It is a messaging app, similar to WhatsApp. With it, you can send various types of content to your audience directly from your smartphone. When combined with Botgram, you turn it into a subscription club and control it in the palm of your hand.
In the palm of your hand
You can create and send the content of your membership area directly from your phone, whenever you want. If you prefer, there is also an app for the computer.
From video to poll! All flavors are available!
You can send photos, images, audios, interactive polls, links, and more directly from your phone.
Voice and video chat
You can open and close a voice or video chat to talk to your members whenever you want.
There's always room for one more
Telegram groups support up to 500,000 users. I believe that's enough, right?
They will receive it
In general, Telegram already has a message delivery and read rate much higher than email. For membership clubs, it's practically 100%.
Don't reinvent the wheel
You don't have to bear the cost of developing your own app or try to migrate members to another platform.
Everyone is there
Telegram has already surpassed the mark of 550 million monthly active users and is present on about 50% of smartphones in Brazil.
Deliver your content instantly to your entire audience
More than 50% of Brazilians already use Telegram!
You don't need to reinvent the wheel by creating your own app or trying to make your audience migrate to an unknown app!
Sell with ease
Receive with peace of mind
Integrated Payment Platforms
payment method
payment method
payment method
Integrated Affiliate Platforms
payment method
payment method
payment method
payment method
payment method
Affiliate Platforms coming soon
payment method
Automatic Integration
You connect your preferred payment method account in a few clicks and your Botgram sales will be processed directly by them.
Payments occur in a highly secure environment, guaranteed by industry-leading companies.
Flexibility for customers
Your customers can pay with credit card, boleto, PIX, or even with cryptocurrencies.
It's your money!
Your money is under your control. All the values from your sales are processed and credited directly to your payment provider account, without Botgram's interference.
Botgram Features
What you can do with Botgram
Entry/Exit Control
You can control the entry and exit of members through the Dashboard.
Invite by Email
You can invite new members to your channel via email with just a few clicks.
API and Webhooks
You can integrate Botgram directly with your system through our API and Webhooks. See the documentation for more details.
Web Checkout
You will have a payment page with a super practical checkout, with a clean and high-converting design to sell your plans.
Sell through Telegram
You will receive payments directly on Telegram, a new sales channel that facilitates the entry of new members.
Trial Mode
With this mode activated, the end user goes directly to your Telegram channel to try your service for a limited period of time.
Simplicity and transparency
4,90% - Botgram commission fee
You pay when you sell
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Multi-clube (1 pagamento para múltiplos clubes)
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0,00% - Botgram commission fee
The best we have for a combined price
Members Price Additional member
Up to 200 users R$ 99,00 / month R$ 7,50
Up to 500 users R$ 399,00 / month R$ 5,00
Up to 1000 users R$ 999,00 / month R$ 2,51
Need more? Contact us for a custom plan.
Taxa 0%
Plataforma de afiliados
Convite por SMS
Multi-clube (1 pagamento para múltiplos clubes)
Todos os features
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Todos meios de pagamentos
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Frequently Asked Questions
Have any questions?
If you have any other questions, send an email to contato@botgram.club.
Is Botgram a paid service?
Yes. There is a basic plan that does not have a monthly fee and you only pay when you make a sale. Check out our plans to find out which one is right for you.
When should I use Botgram?
Anytime. If you have a chat on Telegram and need to control the entry and exit of members linked to a paid subscription, Botgram is for you.
How does Botgram work?
Botgram is a bot that resides within your Telegram chat and analyzes the entry of each new member. When a person joins your chat, the bot will look for a subscription (payment) linked to that Telegram account. If the user is okay, they remain in the group. Otherwise, they are automatically removed in milliseconds.
Can I charge any amount for access to my club?
Yes, with Botgram you have the freedom to create plans with any values you want.
Can I have a group on any topic?
Yes, as long as it complies with the platform's rules (Telegram) and national laws. Botgram simply does not interfere with the content you offer in your club, that is entirely your responsibility.
Will Botgram ban intruders in my chat?
Yes. Any user who does not come from a Botgram subscription or invitation will be instantly banned when entering your chat.
Only those who subscribe can enter the chat?
Is there a Botgram smartphone app?
There is no app at the moment. Botgram works as a bridge between messaging services (Telegram) and payment methods (Mercado Pago, Stripe, etc).